NPB X.XXX, 1 UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX 78249


I am currently a second-year PhD student in Computer Science, working in SPriTELab at The University of Texas at San Antonio. My main research focuses on Spiking Neural Networks security and Generative AI security. I graduated with a Master's degree from Isfahan University of Technology, with a focus on Blockchain security

Research Interests

  • Generative AI security
  • Spiking Neural Networks security
  • Distributed Systems and Blockchain (Consensus Protocols, Economic and Incentive mechanisms, Smart Contract)
  • Game Theory, Multi-Agent Systems


  • MSc in Computer Engineering - Software , Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) , Isfahan, Iran, 2018–2021
  • BSc in Computer Engineering - Software , Shahrekord University, Iran 2013–2017

Recent Publications

  • Maryam Abbasihafshejani, Mohammad Hossein Manshaei, and Murtuza Jadliwala, "Detecting and Punishing Selfish Behavior during Gossiping in Algorand Blockchain", IEEE Virtual Conference on Communications (VCC), 2023.
  • Maryam Abbasi, Mohammad Hossein Manshaei, Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman, Kemal Akkaya, and Murtuza Jadliwala, " On Algorand Transaction Fee: Challenges and Mechanism Design", IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2022.