NPB 3.340, 1 UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX 78249

Note to Students

To prospective graduate students - Thank you for your interest in joining University of Texas at San Antonio's (UTSA) Department of Computer Science (CS)! To current graduate students - Thank you for choosing UTSA's CS department for graduate studies! I really appreciate students contacting me for prospective student/graduate assistant positions in my research lab (SPriTELab) or for questions related to my research and graduate education in UTSA's CS department. Let me begin by first saying that I love working with students on various research problems in information security and I am grateful for the many fabulous undergraduate/graduate students who are already working with me (or have worked with me in the past) on various research projects in my lab. However, please note that I typically have to read and process a large quantity of emails every day, and so if you have contacted me and I haven't responded, or if you are planning on contacting me in the future, I would highly encourage you to read on. Hopefully, this will provide answers to some of the questions you have related to my research, joining my research group, graduate education in the CS department at UTSA, etc. If you still have further questions, and if you are on campus, I would encourage you to stop by my office in NPB 3.340 during my office hours. My office hours typically change every semester and you can find my current office hours posted on my office door.

  • Questions regarding CS graduate programs:

    If you require more details on degree/admission requirements for graduate programs in the CS department, I would encourage you to visit our graduate program webpage here. Please note that I do not make any graduate admission decisions! All admission decisions are made by the CS graduate studies committee.

  • Graduate Research Positions:

    If there are any open graduate research assistant positions in my lab, I typically announce it on my homepage and on the SPriTELab home page. If there are no announcements for open positions, this typically means that currently there are no open student research positions in my lab. Traditionally, we have funded positions only for PhD seeking graduate students. However, in the past we have also funded exceptional Masters and undergraduate research students. If you have emailed me expressing your interest in joining my group as a PhD/MS researcher (with funding), and have not yet heard back from me, I apologize. As I mentioned, I get hundreds of emails everyday and it becomes very difficult to respond to all requests (especially, during the busy semester period). If you have not received a response back from me that typically means that either I do not have any open funded positions or that your current background/expertise does not align well with our research interests and activities, or both. If I am interested in your candidacy, I will get in touch with you as soon as my schedule allows!

  • Working on Research Projects/Thesis:

    If you are a graduate student currently enrolled in the CS department at UTSA, and if you would like to work with me on a research project or thesis, please stop by my office during my office hours to talk to me. During that meeting, please be prepared to describe your academic background, preparation and projects that you have worked in the past. Also be prepared to talk about specific topics within the information security and privacy area that you would like to focus on during your research project or thesis. Please be prepared to discuss specific research papers and open research problems. I would highly recommend you to take one or more courses on information security and privacy with me before approaching me for research projects. This way you will possess the required background and foundational knowledge to work with me on research projects, and I will get a chance to work with you and observe your performance in my classes.