Are you tired and bored of playing the "same-old" card games? Do you want to try something new and fun to play with your friends? Do you want to do this while learning more about the exciting new Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology?

If you answered YES to all of the above then we have the card game for YOU!

CryptoMiner is an all new card game developed at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) that combines the fun of a strategy-based multi-player game with the learning of an upcoming new digital technology. The objective is to beat your fellow (crypto) miners by successfully mining as many valuable blocks as possible and collecting the largest amount of block rewards! So stop sitting and start mining!

We have several samples that we are giving out for free. If you would like to try CryptoMiner for free, just fill out the request form below, send us a pre-paid shipping label, and agree to fill up a quick feedback survey after you have enjoyed the game!

CryptoMiner is a registered trademark and intellectual property of UTSA. Any unauthorized copying or duplication of CryptoMiner artwork, logos, game design and content is strictly prohibited. For bulk orders and licensing information please contact Murtuza Jadliwala or Anindya Maiti.

Player Guide
  4-6 Players

  1-2 Hours Per Game

  12+ Age
What's in the Box

Every set of CryptoMiner comes with the following items inside the box:

  60 Transaction Cards

  70 Block Cards

  280 Cardcoins

  1 Folding Board

  1 Dice

  1 Rule Booklet